COFFEE-MATE BLISS Almond Vanilla Coffee Enhancer
- 473 ml

COFFEE-MATE BLISS Almond Vanilla Coffee Enhancer - 473 ml

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Description  :-

Make every coffee deliciously blissful with plant-powered COFFEE MATE BLISS Almond Vanilla coffee whitener (473 ml). COFFEE-MATE BLISS Almond Vanilla uses real ingredients like almonds, natural vanilla flavor and cane sugar, to add plant-based goodness to every cup of your favourite brew. Going plant-based doesn't mean you have to endure curdling separation. Ditch the curdle and enjoy the exceptionally smooth and creamy taste of COFFEE-MATE BLISS Almond Vanilla. Simply remember to shake the bottle before pouring and stir your coffee before your first sip. We only bottle the good: COFFEE-MATE BLISS Almond Vanilla contains no GMOs, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Now prepared in Canada and always non-dairy! Add a little joy to your cup.

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